PS/2 Driver for Spartan 3AN FPGA Board

In this project i have designed and implemented in Verilog (Hardware Description Language) the PS2 communication interface between the FPGA Device and the keyboard. The FPGA Device that i choose to implement the project is the Spartan 3AN Xilinx Starter Kit.

The project run the 2nd semester of 2009 on behalf of the course “Interfacing Micro-computing Systems” under the teaching of Dr. G. Keramidas.


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Game Of Life – C Parallel Implementation (PThreads, OpenMP)

In this project i have developed a parallel version of the John Conway’s Game Of Life Cellular Automaton. The source code has been written in Ansi-C and is based on the shared memory model. For the parallelization i have used the Posix Threads and OpenMP APIs. In order evaluate the performance of the code, measurements in two different architecture machines have been made (specs are included in report). The project was running on the 1st semester of 2010, on behalf of the “Parallel Processing” undergraduate course, below the teaching of K. Karantasis.

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Hallo Sec. & Crypto Fellows

Finally i found a hole in my working program and re-organize from the scratch my personal website.

Simple style but complicated security & technological discussions.

Stay tuned interesting (for some) things coming soon.



A. Bechtsoudis

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